The world's first eco-friendly, tangible, Waste to Energy blockchain solution


Core Team Members Core Team Title Core Team Profile Link
Varun Datta Founder & Chairman at 4NEW Link
Sandeep Golechha CEO Link
Peter Teasdale COO Link
Barnaby Andersun CMO Link
Stephen Fiser Technical Lead Link
Daren Stones CIO Link
Madeleine Teasdale Business Development Link
Karan Pawaskar Legal Advisor Link
Gabriela Katia Davis Markeing and Customer Relationships
Advisory Team Members Name Advisory Team Members Title Advisory Team Members Link
Victor Buchanan Director at Dallol Energy Ltd Link
Richard Todd Managing Director at Allium Organics Link
J T Rao Founder & CMD at winAMR Systems Private Limited Link
Saransh Sharma President at 4New Link
Dr. Jay (Jangwoo) Lee Executive Vice Chairman at Korea Marketing Association Link
Joakim Holmer Founder allcoinWiki Link
Anders Larsson Founder allcoinWiki Link
Joel Comm Podcast Co-Host at Bad Crypto LLC Link
Travis Wright Vice Chairman at World Tokenomic Forum and Co-host at Bad Crypto Podcast Link
Darren Little CEO of DarrenLittle.com Link
Tjuana (Tia) Walker Founder at The Inspired CEO Link
Tom H Cheung Founder at Showhand Foundation Link
Alfredo Delgada Social Media Strategist
Si Yuan Chen Chineese Marketing
Chuck Hueng Mining
Andrew Springett Waste to Energy

Company Intro

  • 2017

  • Energy

  • 4NEW is a United Kingdom company that owns and operates Waste to Energy treatment plants.

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  • 1 KWATT Coin embodies within it 1 Kilowatt Hour of electrical output generated by the plant.

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  • ERC20 (Upon completion of the blockchain development, the token will be swapped to the KWATT Coin that will interact with our blockchain)

  • Utility token

  • $75 million

  • 300,000,000 KWATT

  • Founders & Insiders - 25%
    Institutions - 8%
    Crowdsale - 67%

    Insider held tokens are restricted until Jan 2019.

  • 1 KWATT = 2 USD

  • Any unsold tokens will be burnt and any future growth in output capacity will be pegged to the circulating supply of tokens.

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  • KYC (provided by Ocular)

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  • Independent auditor is Daszkal Bolton LLP

  • Accounting financial statements will be maintained at Zucker Forensics.

  • Blockchain Development - 5%
    Working Capital - 10%
    Marketing - 5%
    Plant Development - 40%
    Mining Equipment - 40%

    Allocation of Future Revenues

    Additional Plant Buildout - 35%
    Additional Mining Eqipment - 35%
    Electricity Kwatt Bill Payment - 20%
    Management / Over - 10%

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  • As of summer 2018 two plants are aquired

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