COTI is a payments transaction network supported by a native digital currency. Setting the standard for how payments should work in the digital currency era.


Core Team Members Core Team Title Core Team Profile Link
Shahaf Bar-Geffen CEO Link
Dr. Nir Haloani CTO Link
David Assaraf COO Link
Yair Lavi CFO Link
Samuel Falkon Co-Founder and VP Business Development Link
Neta Salomon Human Resource Link
Eftar Bar-Lev VP Marketing Link
Guy Klajman CRO Link
Eli Hallufgil Technology Team Leader Link
Anton Suslonov Data Scientist Link
Costa Chervotkin Product Manager Link
Yoni Neeman Software Engineer Link
Yaniv Dadon Software Developer Link
Zalman Goldstein Software Engineer Link
Ben Elnekave Software Engineer Link
Barak Yaari Software Engineer Link
Idan Lakritz Blockchain Expert Link
Jon Elias Social and Operations Link
Tamar Drachli Social Link
Anna Bocharov Community Link
Oriane Maire Community Link
Albert A. Levi Community Link
Carlos M. Martins Gibraltar Business Director Link
Shani Assaraf Project Manager Link
Advisory Team Members Name Advisory Team Members Title Advisory Team Members Link
Dr. Matt McBrady Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer of Multi-Strategy Head Fund at BlackRock Link
Steven Heibron Former CEO at Investec Bank UK
Greg Kidd Former CRO at Ripple Labs Co-Founder of Hard Yaka Link
Avi Chesed Co-Founder and CEO of Chair of The Board of Directors at Transact Europe Holdings OOD Link
Lindsey Maulr CEO and Founding Partner at Luna Capital Link
Stas Oskin Core Developer and Business Developer at Wings Stiftung CTO at Eyecam Link
Sebastian Stupurac Co-Founder at Wings Foundation Link
Alez Yamashita Partner and Co-Founder at TLDR Capital Formerly Goldman Sachs Link
Eugene Kan Partner at TLDR Former Editorial Director at Hypebeast Link
Ophir Gertner Blockchain Expert Advisory Board at Cryptalgo Link
Jon Avgamim Co-founder and President at Executive Director at Transact Europe Holdings OOD Link
Dr. Zvi Gabay Partner at Barnea & Co. Head of Capital Markets Department at Barnea Link
Dr. Steohan Wessel CEO at Arcana Capital
Prof. Martin Fochmann Member of the Advisory Board Associate Professor at University of Cologne Link
Dr. Stefan Hlawatsh CEO at Skybridge Investment
Nimrod Lehavi Co-Founder and CEO Simplex Link
Gaurav Dubey Serial entrepreneur, DLT Blockchain Innovator CEO at ITH Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Link
Kevin O'Hara Group CIO and Investment Portfolio Manager at Tulla Private Link

Company Intro

  • Payments

  • Coti's mission is to build a decentralised and scalable payments network to facilitate efficient global commerce.

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  • COTI Pay

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  • Coti coins is the centre of the coti network and it fuels the interactions between consumers, merchants, mediators and node operators. The primary function of Coti coins is to serve as the common denominator of payments, fees and mediation and to incentive node operator in the Coti network.

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  • ERC-20

  • Utility

  • 30,000,000 USD

  • 2,000,000,000 COTI

  • Advisors - 10%
    Token Sale - 30%
    Incentives/Liquidity/Reserve - 45%
    Team - 15%

  • 1 COTI - 0.1 USD

  • R&D - 30%
    Cyber security - 5%
    Licenses and capital requirements - 12%
    Legal and compliance - 9%
    Marketing - 15%
    Merchant services - 8%
    Market maker - 7%
    Coti Fund - 7%
    Operational expenses - 7%

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