Building an intelligent energy ecosystem. Electrify is the first retail electricity marketplace in Southeast-Asia addressing the need for transparency and security in the consumption of energy.


Core Team Members Core Team Title Core Team Profile Link
Julius Tan CEO Link
Martin Lim COO Link
Sean Eu Head of Engineering Link
Zabrina Chew Head of Operations Link
Cheng Zhi Wei Head of Product and Strategy Link
Peh Shi Ning Head of Business Development Link
Angie Ho Head of Marketing Link
Alexia Lee Operations Link
Elen Cheran Business Development
Regina Cheong Operations Link
Leona Goh Operations Link
Delwyn Koh Business Development Link
Phoebe Chia Business Development Link
Willie Khoo Product and Strategy, Marketing Link
Lavinia Kwek Marketing Link
Denise Chua Marketing Link
Yvonne Tan Marketing Link
Aldryn Gutierrez Developer Link
Clarence Chung Developer Link
Anjana Jayaweera Developer Link
Guy Aw Manager
John Lian Technologist Link
Advisory Team Members Name Advisory Team Members Title Advisory Team Members Link
Jun Hasegawa Blockchain Scalability and Payment Technology, Founder/CEO of Omise Holdings/OmiseGO
Wendell Davis Product Desing and Development Advisor, Founder at Hive, CEO at Humint, Product Development Lead at OmiseGO
Jeffrey Char Partnerships and Ventures Advisor, Founder and CEO at J-Seed Ventures and Director at Corporate Venture Capital (TEPCO) Link
Calvin Soh Strategic Market Positioning Advisor, Former Vice-Chairman and Chief Creative Officer at Publicis Asia, Former President and Creative Director at Fallon Asia
Shirley Wong Growth Strategy, Infocomm and Partnerships Advisor, Managing Partner at TNF Ventures
Dr. Yang Dazhi Greater China, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Solar Statistical Forecasting Advisor, Research Scientist at Agency of Science, Technology and Research, Singapore
Dr. Licheng Liu Japan Engergy Market, Utility Scale Solar Adivsor, O&M Manager at Saferay Pte Ltd
Foo Ming Qing Cybersecurity and Power Systems Advisor, Software Engineer at ST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems)
Nizam Ismail Cryptocurrency Legal Advisor, Co-Founder of RHT Compliance Solutions and Partner and Head of Regulatory Practice of RHTLaw Taylor Wessing.

Company Intro

  • 2017

  • Energy

  • ELEC token is used in the Electrify ecosystem for listing deposits for energy producers and retailers to have access to Electrify ecosystem, for paying transactions fees of energy providers, and for paying the loyalty rewards for consumers.

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  • Utility

  • USD 30,000,000

  • Total token supply: 750,000,000 ELEC
    ICO token issuance: 375,000,000 ELEC

  • Token sale - 50%
    Team and future team members (Vesting 50% at each 6-month interval) -18.4%
    Advisors and Partners - 9.0%
    Airdrop to the community - 4.1%
    Treasury and Community Development - 18.5%, including:
    - community development for small-scale energy producers and consumers - 6.1%
    - reserve - 11.2%
    - contribution to research to blockchain public scaling development - 1.2%

  • 1 ELEC = US$0.08

  • The tokens will be transferable seven days from the end date of the main sale

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  • Development, Technology, Research - 52%
    Staffing - 19%
    Business Development and Partnerships - 10%
    Operations - 10%
    Legal and Accounting - 9%

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