Fr8 Network

A decentralized protocol for the freight industry.

Core Team Members Core Team Title Core Team Profile Link
Jonathan Fox Co-Founder and Project Lead Link
Sloane Brakeville Co-Founder and Tech Lead Link
James Allen Regenor Chief Innovation Officer Link
Yevgeniy Spektor Lead Engineer Link
Vishal Sapra CMO Link
Barry Glasco Director of Engineering Link
Shankhri Balaji Community Manager Link
Michael Zargham Token Economist Link
Matt Barlin Researcher Engineer Link
Emily Bush Investors Relations Link
Volodymyr Katanskyi Senior Architect Link
George Vyzemsky Developer Manager Link
Vlasislav Tkachenko Senior Developer Link
Anton Valov Developer Link
Advisory Team Members Name Advisory Team Members Title Advisory Team Members Link
Court Coursey Managing Partner at Tomorrow VC
Scott Nelson CEO at Sweetbridge
Konstantin Richter CEO at Blockdaemon
Spencer Potts Partner at Maximalist
Tom Bolich Founding CTO at Zynga
Amit Pradhan Managing Partner at Jet VC
Alex Lightman CEO at Millennium Energy Corporation
David Ellington President at Silicon Valley Blockchain Society
Eric Greenberg CEO at Warp Media
Simon Shin Managing Partner at Cypher Group

Company Intro

  • Logistics

  • Fr8 financial services provides access to cash flow for both carriers and shippers from factoring of rates for expanding credit lines for shippers

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  • Fr8 Network (Platform)

    Mobile Application
    Salesforce Application Integration
    Fr8 Chrome Extension
    Fr8 API

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  • The FR8 token is used to interact with the Fr8 protocol interfaces and incentivize developers to create economies and payment streams for applications and services built on top of the protocol.

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  • ERC-20

  • Utility

  • 20000000

  • 1,000,000,000.00

  • CrowdSale - 25%
    Ecosystem Participants - 10%
    Global Strategic Partnerships - 15%
    Core team - 10 %
    Advisors - 5 %
    Reserves - 10 %
    Marketing - 10%
    Global platform development - 15%

  • 1 FR8 Token - $0.15

  • Protocol Development - 70%
    Marketing - 10%
    Legal - 5%
    Consortium Funding - 10%
    Token launch - 5%

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