Origin Protocol

The sharing economy without intermediaries. We empower developers and businesses to build decentralized marketplaces on the blockchain.

Core Team Members Core Team Title Core Team Profile Link
Josh Fraser Co-founder Link
Matthew Liu Co-founder Link
Stan James Senior Engineer Link
Andrew Hyde Community Link
Coleman Maher Partnerships Link
Jon Hearty Business Development Link
Yu Pan R&D Engineer Link
Cuong Do Senior Engineer Link
Micah Alcorn Engineer Link
Tyler Yasaka Engineer Link
Kay Yoo Finance and Operations Link
Franck Chastagnol Senior Engineer Link
Aure Gimon Product Designer Link
Daniel Von Fange Engineer Link
Gagandeep Singh Engineer Link
Nick Poulden Engineer Link
Kath Brandon Community Link
Dave Craige Community Link
Mijbel AlQattan Community Link
Andrei Munteanu Community Link
Austin Virts Marketing Link
Advisory Team Members Name Advisory Team Members Title Advisory Team Members Link
Addison Huegel PR Advisor, Managing Partner at Elevator Communications, LLC Link
Melody He International BD Advisor, Partner and Co-Founder of Spartan Group Link
Paul Veradittakit Investor and Partner at Pantera Capital Link
Joey Krug Co-Chief Investment Officer at Pantera Capital and Co-Founder at Augur and Angellist Syndicate Link

Company Intro

  • Origin Protocol allows developers and businesses to build decentralized marketplaces on the blockchain with an initial focus on the sharing economy. Origin protocol makes it easy to create and manage listings for the fractional usage of assets and services. Buyers and sellers can discover each other, browse listings, make bookings, leave ratings and reviews, and much more.

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  • ERC-20

  • Utility

  • 35,100,000 USD

  • Yes

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  • Pantera
    Foundation Capital
    Block Tower
    Smart Contract
    Steve Jang
    Xiahong Lin
    Alexis Ohanian
    Kamal Ravikant
    Garry Tan

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